Sun Protecting & Sun Damages Prevanting Line

Sun Protecting

Over exposure to sun radiation causes premature skin aging and some types of skin cancer.

Dr. Melumad’s Aloe Vera Waterproof Sun protecting Lotion were developed especially to protect skin against these damages. 

The ideal sun protecting products must not be washed off skin by sweat or water and must have a broad spectrum protection (Both UVA and UVB). 

Being waterproof and containing mineral type sunscreens and both UVA and UVB sun filters, makes these sun protecting lotions the ultimate choice for skin protection.

Dr. Melumad offers also an Aloe Vera After Sun Rehydrator to counteract skin dryness and prevent skin peeling.

Dr. Melumad Sun Protecting and Preventing line effectively protect your skin against sunburn and sun induced skin damage and help prevent premature ageing.

Based on advances active ingredients, enriched with natural and botanical ingredients:  

Enriched with pure Aloe-Vera leaf gel, Vitamins and moisturizers complex to actively restore the natural oils lost by exposure to the sun, wind and water.

Leaving you with a healthy looking supple skin.

Non irritated and very delicate for skin. 

After Sun Rehydrator
SPF 10 - Aloe Vera Sun Protecting Lotion
SPF 15 - Aloe Vera Sun Protecting Lotion
SPF 25 - Aloe Vera Sun Protecting Lotion
SPF 30 - Sun Protecting Stick
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