Advanced Natural Foot Care

Foot Care

During our lifetime we walk up to 250,000 km. 

An average person weighing 70kg and walking 12km a day generates on each foot an accumulative pressure of 700 tones!

Our feet contain about 250,000 sweat glands. 

They can produce up to 600 ml of sweat per day. 

Our feet are kept at least 12 hours a day in the most inappropriate conditions.

They are locked up in a warm, closed and not always comfortable environment – the shoes.

The Foot Rescue line was created by Dr. Melumad to enable render feet the attention they deserve. 

Foot Rescue

Daily use of the Foot Rescue products will help to prevent foot problems and to treat the problems which already occurred, achieving remarkable results. 

The Foot Rescue line is a comprehensive range of foot products based on natural active substances. 

The products have light and smooth textures for easy absorption. These products are also recommended for treatment of diabetic feet.

Foot Rescue line delivers instant softness and smoothness.

Your feet will look velvety and younger feeling soft and healthy.
Herbal Foot Bath
Treatment Soap
Toes & Nails Repair
Herbal Foot Cream
Aloe Vera Gel
Skin Softener
Cooling Liqueed Talc
Foot Rescue - Feet and Heels Repair Ointment
Feet & Heels Repair Oitment
Active Rough Feet Scrub
Deodorizing Shoe Spray
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