Dead Sea Riches

The Dead Sea Cosmetics Leading Pioneer –

Dr. David Melumad is recognized as the leading pioneer in the implementation of the unique skin and hair therapy properties of Dead Sea Black Mud and Minerals in cosmeceutical Dead Sea products.


The Dead Sea –

Source of life-giving minerals, and one of the principal places on earth from which remedies for various skin and hair problems are sought. 


The Innovative Cosmeceutical Dead Sea Line-

This innovative line was developed by Dr. Melumad, the Israeli scientist who started in 1982 to carry out for the first time the most comprehensive research concerning the use of Dead Sea treasures in cosmetic products. 

Worldstar Award –

Dead Sea Riches line won the 1996 Worldstar award. The keys of activity of this line are Dead Sea Minerals, Dead Sea Black Mud, and Aloejel, combined with other natural ingredients.

The Dead Sea Therapeutical Benefits-

The use of Dead Sea Riches products provides the cosmetic and therapeutical benefits of Dead Sea treasures at the privacy of the end user’s home.

These products hydrate skin by its remineralization, enhance skin elasticity and stimulate various metabolic processes in the skin.

This will result in a perceivable improvement of skin texture, softness, and resilience.

A special oil control concept has been developed for the treatment of oily skin.

Products within this range contain a unique complex of Dead Sea Minerals, Aloejel, and plant extracts.

This complex penetrates pores to eliminate excess sebum.

The plants which are used include – Arnica, Sage, Licorice, and Hypericum.

Using these products tightens pores and helps to balance oil build-up.
Dead Sea Nurishing Cream
Dead Sea Aloe Vera Gel
Dead Sea Natural Black Mud
Dead Sea Facial Moisturiser
Dead Sea Mmineral Soap
Dead Sea Anticellulite Mineral Firming Cream
Dead Sea Revitalizing Eye Gel
Dead Sea Black Mud Facial Bar
Dead Sea Moisturizing Shampoo - For Dry to Normal Hair
Dead Sea Smoothing Serum
Dead Sea Protective Hand Cream
Dead Sea Black Mud Antidandaruf Shampoo

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