Company Profile

Established in 1979

Dr. Melumad enterprise is a leading Israeli manufacturer of exclusive, innovative and result oriented natural cosmetic products.

Dr. David Melumad, the founder:
Dr. David Melumad is a pharmacist having Ph.D. degree in pharmaceutical chemistry and over four decades of experience in the cosmetic industry.

Dr. Melumad is the third generation in a well-known family of

pharmacists. He is the author of 11 books and of hundreds articles regarding various aspects of cosmetics.

The research laboratories of Dr. Melumad

The research laboratories of Dr. Melumad are well known for their creativity, sophistication and innovation.
Dr. Melumad products are based on our unique approach to natural ingredients such as Dead Sea treasures, Aloe Vera gel and various plant extracts.

The leading pioneer

Dr. David Melumad is recognized as the leading pioneer in the
implementation of the unique skin and hair therapy properties of Dead Sea Black Mud and Minerals in cosmeceutical products.
The “AHAVA” line, originally developed in the early 1980s by Dr. Melumad is one of our landmarks.


All the plant extracts used in Dr. Melumad products are in house processed. 

We use high quality plants obtained from reliable sources.

Dr. Melumad has developed exclusive derivation methods adjusted specifically to each plant to ensure the optimal activity of its active ingredients.


Along the years we developed numerous breakthrough technologies in order to enhance the results of Dr. Melumad products.

The integration between these plant extracts combined with additional natural active ingredients and our breakthrough technologies and accumulative experience and knowhow, account for the unique activity and efficacy of over 200 beauty products manufactured by Dr. Melumad.

Various product lines

Our various product lines supply skin needs as a part of lifestyle routine or cope with diverse skin conditions.

Our close contacts with our North European clients, lead us, along the years, to the development of many highly effective, proven results products which successfully help coping with typical cold climate skin conditions.

Private label

Dr. Melumad offers a wide range of cosmetic own brand and private label products.


Our products comply with EU and FDA regulations.
Dr. Melumad Laboratories is ISO22716 accredited.


Dr. Melumad Laboratories export its products since 1996 to various overseas clients.

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