Aromatherapy inspires mind and body physically, mentally and emotionally.

Dr. Melumad’s Aromatherapy products were specially designed to help you create an environment of health and well being.

Dr. Melumad Aromatherapy products form three lines:

Aromatherapy Energizing line

Aromatherapy Happy line

Aromatherapy Relaxing line


Aromatherapy Energizing line combines the Aromatherapy properties of Lemon, Mint and Eucalyptus essential oils with a stimulating blend of aromatic scents.

Revitalizes, invigorates and recharges.

For exciting moments of renovated powers.

Aromatherapy Happy line combines the Aromatherapy properties of Bergamot essential oil with a cheerful blend of aromatic scents.

Lifts up your spirits, improves your mood and inspires pleasant feelings.

For delightful moments of continuous happiness.

Aromatherapy Relaxing line combines the Aromatherapy properties of Orange Peel essential oil with a soothing blend of aromatic scents.

Calms mind, relieves tensions and induces sleep.

For peaceful moments of gentle relaxation.

Energizing Bathtime Oil
Energizing Body Lotion
Energizing Bathtime Gel
Energizing Perpume Stick
Happy Bathtime Oil
Happy Body Lotion
Happy Bathtime Gel
Happy Perfume Stick
Relaxing Bathtime Oil
Relaxing Body Lotion
Relaxing Bathtime Gel
Relaxing Perfume Stick
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