About Us

Established in 1979, Dr. Melumad enterprise is a leading Israeli manufacturer of exclusive, innovative and result oriented natural cosmetic and health products.

Our story

In the research laboratories of Dr. Melumad company we combine professional knowhow which was transferred over three generations of pharmacists in the Melumad family with innovative technologies to create breakthrough methods which extract the health benefits from the natural resources and integrate them into our products.

Dr. Melumad products bring together the best nature has to offer and the most innovative scientific discoveries

Along the years we developed numerous breakthrough technologies in order to enhance the results of Dr. Melumad products.

All the plant extracts used in Dr. Melumad products are in house processed. We use either plants growing in our own controlled fields or high quality plants obtained from other reliable sources.

Dr. Melumad has developed exclusive derivation methods specifically adjusted  to each plant to guarantee the optimal activity of its active ingredients.

The integration between these plant extracts combined with additional natural active ingredients and our breakthrough technologies and accumulative experience and knowhow, account for the unique fully documented activity and efficacy of our products.

Sophistication & Innovation

The research laboratories of Dr. Melumad are well known for their creativity, sophistication and innovation. These are reflected in our numerous award - winning products.

Natural Active Ingredients

Dr. Melumad products are based on our unique approach to natural ingredients such as Dead Sea treasures, Aloe Vera gel and various plant extracts.

Top Quality

All Dr. Melumad products undergo the most rigorous tests of quality control and they comply with EU health authorities standards.


Dr. David Melumad, the founder, is a pharmacist having a Ph.D. degree in pharmaceutical chemistry and over four decades of Multi-achievements experience in the cosmetic industry.

Our Vision

Dr. Melumad's vision is to help people by providing them with natural solutions to their skin problems.

Skin Solutions

Dr. Melumad natural products were developed in order to significantly decrease or even eliminate, in certain cases, the need to use topical medications and avoid their harmful side effects.

The Founder

Dr. Melumad is the third generation in a well-known family of pharmacists. He is the author of 11 books and of hundreds articles regarding various aspects of cosmetics.

Leading pioneer of Dead Sea cosmetics

Dr. David Melumad is recognized as the leading pioneer in the implementation of the unique skin and hair therapy properties of Dead Sea Black Mud and Minerals in cosmeceutical products.

We Care

Dr. Melumad company cares for the environment.  We use only biodegradable ingredients and recyclable packing materials. 

No Cruelty

All Dr. Melumad products are made without causing any cruelty to animals.

Big Variety

Over 1,200 beauty and health products manufactured by Dr. Melumad Laboratories.

World Wide

Dr. Melumad products are sold in Israel and in many other countries. 

Exclusive patented technologies

Over the years Dr. Melumad has registered 7 patents. Our patents deal with inventions of exclusive cosmetic formulating technologies. These patents are implemented in many of our product formulas.

Perceivable results

We have an enormous collection of testimonials both in photos and in letters, which illustrates the unique results of our products.

Marketing support

Dr. Melumad's know-how, lectures, methods, and tutorials help to increase sales and to rich the high market levels.