Hair Remmoval Products

hair removal by Dr. Melumad Laboratories

Dr. Melumad Laboratories manufactures a large selection of professional hair removal products, providing the ultimate answers
to the women’s needs. Our waxes have achieved very high scores in comparative testing for their efficiencies, epilating properties, lack of irritation and desirable after feel of the skin.

Skin soothing and protection result from our use of Aloejel - The high potency Aloe Vera Gel derived uniquely in Dr. Melumad
Laboratories from fresh plants growing in the mineral rich soil of the Jordan Valley. Most of the products in this series are 100% natural.
Note that all traces of our Aloe Vera Cold Waxes remaining on the skin are water washable.

Aloe Vera Cold Wax
An exclusive blend of sugars unexcelled for their consistency
and adhesion properties. 100% natural.
Package - 350 and 500 gr. cans.
Cat. No. 11059, 11629. 

Aloe Vera Cold Wax For Microwave
The renowned Dr. Melumad’s Aloe Vera Cold Wax in special packaging.
Heating it in your microwave allows a faster and more convenient way for its use.
100% natural.
Package - 400 gr. plastic jar.
Cat. No. 11729.

Pre-prepared Aloe Vera Cold Wax strips.
Offering a faster, more economical and much easier way of hair removal.
100% natural.
Package - 3 pairs of strips containing 20 gram each.
Cat. No. 11229.

Aloe Vera After Pill
A skin relief lotion that instantly cools, refreshes, soothes, disinfects and moisturizes the skin after waxing. Has a novel cream gel base, comprising a blend of Aloejel plant exctracts and other natural ingredients.
Package - 250 ml bottle.
Cat. No. 11859

Organic Wax + Remover
A unique blend of plant extracts which acts to retard and avoid hair re-growth.
100% natural.
Package - 10 and 30 ml bottles.
Cat. No. 10219, 10229.