Natural resources are essential to the body, soul and spirit - Today it looks obvios but leveling the road

So it was a revolutionary innovation. Dr. Melumad created in the early 70's of the last centery a new concept, based on essential ingredients diriven from different natural treasures.

Aloe Vera - The Ultimate Gift From Nature

The Aloe Vera Plant Enriched with natural moisturizing and emollient properties. It is derived by Dr. Melumad from freshly harvested leaves of Aloe Vera plants using the exclusive process of B.S.T tec.

Anti Cellulite Treatment

Dr. Melumad Anti Cellulite Mineral Firming Cream in the unique massage bottle that helps product absorbance and stimulates the tissues.

Dead Sea Pioneer Cosmeceutical Products

Dr. David Melumad is the world's inventor of the Dead Sea Treasures implementation in cosmetics. The Black Mud and White Salts magically restores skin natural benefits.