Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and Innovation               
Creativity, sophistication and innovation lead us towards new concepts, new formulations, new technologies and new applications as well as original product positioning within the market.
All these values are reflected in our diverse collection of products which are all original developments of our laboratories.
Many of  them are patented or patent pending.
But our efforts do not end there.
Our research and development team is constantly searching for improved, advanced and state-of-the-art products so that we may continue to provide the same high standard of service to our customers in the future.

Special Services        
Our products may be diversified within certain limits to meet the special requirements of customers.                          
Dr. Melumad Laboratories has developed a unique *personal involvement* program for multi-level marketing.
A line of our products is approved by Kashruth Dept.
Orthodox Council of Jerusalem B. D. Z. Eda Charedith being also Kosher for use in Passover.                                        
The words: Aloejel, Bio Yeast Complex, Depimix, Elastigen, Green Peak, Glycolact, Hydrasol, Hopa, Maximum Minilift, Multilytix, Naturit, Neosphere, Nutrimilk, Oleosome, Skinetics, Soaponge, Teen Skin, are trade marks, the property of Dr. Melumad Laboratories Ltd.