Private label services

Tailor made cosmetics bradning

Dr. Melumad Laboratories is active both in the professional beauty salon industry and the mass market, offering appropriate products to each of them.
Aloejel, Dead Sea treasures, exclusive cleansing concepts, unique peelings, specials massage aids and highly effective teenagers treatment products are just few examples in the list of our extensive range of successful product lines.

Private label services
Our private label services were established to suite your needs and demands. Our accumulated know how, experience, skill and
innovative spirit bring forth new successful products. You are  invited to share them with us. Whether you are interested
in a totally new concept, or just a line extension or even a  complementary product to your existing line, our responsive
staff will create the best solutions to your requirements. You can choose items either from our diversified selection
of brand products or from our endless "bank" of ideas.  Our innovative team can accompany you from the concept
building through unique packaging and labeling suggestions towards exceptional, novel and high performance products. 
We can offer you a slice of luffah bar, or a liquid talc, a thermal massage oil or a multi-level peeling. These are only few examples reflecting our creative way of thinking. The sky is the limit.
All of these will be manufactured by us in compliance with our strictest standards in order to fulfill your satisfaction. 
All our products undergo the most rigorous tests and inspections of quality control, these are constantly updated according to the latest scientific findings.

Together we can find the way to incorporate your ideas into our accumulative know-how and turn them into your future products.

Let your dreams to be our chalange.

Tailor Made Cosmetics Branding

Dr. Melumad Laboratories Ltd. provides professional private label and branding services that will get your products the exposure that leads to sales.
We specialize in packaging, branding, and co-branding of manufactured and industrial products, and provide creative, innovative solutions to the most challenging private label requirements.
Our packaging professionals can integrate existing artwork into products and packaging saving design resources and getting your product to market quickly.

Delivering customized packaging solutions that will enhance your existing brand, or customizing it to focus on specific markets, we'll work with you and provide a plan that is custom made for your product, industry, and market focus.

For more information on Dr. Melumad Laboratories Ltd. private label services, please contact us directly.

Develop the right branded product for your business quickly and easily.

With Dr. Melumad Laboratories Ltd. private label solutions, merchants can give their customers a fast and convenient way
Private Label products can help boost sales and customer loyalty without requiring new point of sale equipment or changes to your existing reconciliation process.

Your brand, many possible applications

Private Label products don’t display the Dr. Melumad logo, so you have the freedom to design a product that expresses your brand’s singular look and feel. By offering products that feature only your brand – and are sold only at locations you determine – your customers can enjoy added convenience every time they visit a participating establishment. Dr. Melumad Private Label cosmetics products can be made available in either preset or customer-chosen dollar amounts and can be activated and sold at the point of sale as well as online.

Tailor made program include all solutions:
Clinical tests
Private Label
Customized Packaging Specialized Packaging
Delivery Just in Time (JIT)
Product information
additional Information
Industry Focus
Instrumentation & Testing
Information Technology
High Standards
Supply Transport

How it works

1. Customer carachartis the market and his customer needs
2. R&D bulding a tailor made concept
3. Having samples
4. Choosing the right design
5. Marketing support

Start your own Private Label

We’re dedicated to providing merchants with a highly flexible Private Label service that supports a variety of cosmetics and toiletries types, including dead sea products, botanical based products, mass market toiletries, proffesional products, spa and many more.

If you’re interested in launching a Private Label line for your business, email us and a representative will follow up with you.