Dr. Melumad

Dr. David Melumad, the founder, is a pharmacist having a Ph.D. degree in pharmaceutical chemistry and over three decades of experience in the cosmetic industry.

Dr. Melumad is the third generation in a well-known family of pharmacists.
He is the author of 11 books and of hundreds articles regarding various aspects of cosmetics.

The research laboratories of Dr. Melumad are well known for their creativity, sophistication and innovation.
These are reflected in our numerous award  - winning products.

Dr. Melumad products are based on our unique approach regarding natural ingredients such as Dead Sea treasures, Aloe Vera gel and various plant extracts.

Dr. David Melumad is recognized as the leading pioneer in the implementation of the unique skin and hair therapy properties of Dead Sea Black Mud and Minerals in cosmeceutical products.

Dr. Melumad likes to help people by providing them natural solutions to their skin problems.
Dr. Melumad natural products were developed in order to significantly decrease or even eliminate, in certain cases, the need to use topical medications and avoid their harmful side effects.